Safety Pact
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Dear Mom and Dad,

I know I mean an awful lot to you and the rest of our family, so I have decided that I want you and me to sign this pact of gun safety.  After visiting the "For Kids Only" page at, I know how to be safe.

Right now, just over two (2) people a day are killed because of the mishandling of a loaded gun in the United States.  I want you to know that I will not be one of them.

I hereby promise that if I find a gun in an unsupervised situation, I will not touch it, I will walk away and I will bring a responsible adult to it.

I realize that a gun that was left somewhere could have been used in a crime, and I refuse to touch it. If this ever happens to me, you have to promise me that you will not touch it either and that a Police Officer will be brought to where the gun is, especially if I find it outside.

If I find a loaded gun in somebody else’s house that is not locked up, then you have to promise me that you will contact the lawful owner of the gun and question him/her about how they have chosen to store their firearms.






Signed this ______day of ____________, 20___

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