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1.  The first revolver was patented in...

A)  1803
B)  1833
C)  1873


2.  The semi-automatic rifle was invented in...

A)  1890
B)  1920
C)  1939


3.  The rimfire cartridge was patented by...

A)  Smith and Wesson in 1860
B)  Marlin Firearms in 1960
C)  Colt Firearms in 1927


4.  A grain is a measurement of weight used for ammunition.  There are _______ grains in one pound.

A)  7000
B)  1385
C)  695


5.  The 10mm Auto cartridge was developed in...

A)  1932
B)  1952
C)  1982


6.  In the .45-70 Government cartridge, "70" stands for...

A)  the year 1870
B)  70 grains of black powder
C)  a bullet weight of 70 grains


7.  Caliber is measured in...

A)  hundredths of an inch
B)  thousandths of an inch
C)  both


8.  A .22 long rifle bullet will travel ______ if fired from a rifle rather than a pistol.

A)  farther
B)  shorter
C)  the same


9.  Machine guns and silencers have been strictly regulated since...

A)  1934
B)  1968
C)  1997


10.  Fatal firearm accidents have _________ since the 1980's.

A)  increased
B)  decreased
C)  stayed the same


11.  The semi-automatic handgun was introduced in...

A)  1895
B)  1919
C)  1932


12.  The three major components of a handgun are the...

A)  frame, barrel and action
B)  grip, barrel and sights
C)  action, barrel and sights


13.  The four components of a rifle cartridge are the...

A)  case, wad, powder and bullet
B)  case, powder, bullet and primer
C)  wad, hull, bullet and primer


14.  The first firearm was invented in the...

A)  1280's
B)  1430's
C)  1540's


15.  The major difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun is the...

A)  sights
B)  action
C)  barrel


16.  Before cleaning any gun, you should make sure...

A)  the action is open
B)  there is no ammunition around
C)  both


17.  Laws regarding the transportation of firearms...

A)  can be ignored if you have a permit
B)  are the same for every state
C)  can vary widely from place to place


18.  The "Golden Rule of Gun Safety" is to...

A)  always point the barrel in a safe direction
B)  store firearms away from children, heat and moisture
C)  always use hearing protection and glasses


19.  When adjusting the rear sight of a firearm for target practicing, you move it...

A)  in the direction you need the bullet to land
B)  opposite to where you need the bullet to land
C)  always down


20.  A .357 Maximum revolver can fire a...

A)  .357 magnum
B)  .38 special
C)  both


21.  The term "handgun" was first used in the year...

A)  1388
B)  1524
C)  1822


22.  If you find a gun outdoors, you should

A)  take it to the police station.
B)  ask people nearby if it belongs to them.
C)  secure scene, notify police and don't touch anything.


23.  The invention of the wheel lock musket is attributed to...

A)  Nicolas Copernicus
B)  Leonardo Da Vinci
C)  Benjamin Franklin


24.  The National Rifle Association was formed in...

A)  Virginia in 1931
B)  New York in 1871
C)  Washington D.C. in 1953


25.  Medical mistakes currently cause __________ than firearm accidents every year.

A)  less deaths
B)  more deaths
C)  the same amount of deaths


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